Extraordinary Insight for Aspiring Musicians

Seth Godin writes and speaks about art and business in the post-industrial economy. Last month, he gave an inspiring seminar for Ensemble ACJW, a program of Carnegie Hall and Juilliard.

Seth notes that “the dreaded shortage of highly-competent musicians is finally over.” He argues that being great at music isn’t what we do for a living. We can thrive by earning trust and attention with a group of fans, connecting them with each other, and taking them on a journey. Anyone considering a career in music needs to hear this.

Listen to the talk here

Some memorable quotes:

“There’s no question that you’ve put in the practice. The question is, will you choose to matter?”

“Who would miss you if you were gone, professionally not personally. If you never played again, who would miss you?”

“Maybe you are so good that you will get picked to play in the NY Philharmonic or teach music at Yale. But if we do the math, they’re aren’t enough slots. . . If you get one, that’s fabulous, I don’t want to dissuade you. But is it the end if you don’t get one? I think it’s the beginning.” (edited)

“Now there’s more music made by more people than ever before, and the industry is gone forever. It will never come back.”

“If you have trust and attention, you have value. Because now it’s not scarcity that creates value, it’s connection.”

“To be gifted means you need to give people gifts.”

– ST

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