One Year Anniversary!

This week marks the one year anniversary of the Creative Music Blog! I want to share some exciting plans for the future and reflect on successes from the past year.

Launching this blog last September was part of a larger shift in strategy for how I earn a living as a musician. It also marked a major inflection point in my life. The practice of writing and sharing articles every week has connected me with a worldwide audience and opened doors for new projects and career opportunities.

A Few Successes To Celebrate

– Over the past year, this platform has allowed me to reach over 25,000 people from 132 countries!

Google Analytics map of my site traffic this year

– I’m joining the music faculty at Seattle Pacific University in the fall! It turns out that Brian Chin, the director of instrumental music, is a blog reader which inspired us to connect.

– If you Google “Jazz Theory,” one of my articles shows up on the first page of results.

– I developed and piloted the Game Symphony Workshop with adult and student musicians. If all goes according to plan, this program going to be a large focus of my business in the future.

– Colleges, high schools, middle schools, adult ensembles, and D’Addario woodwinds in NYC are hiring me for improvisation clinics. Building an audience is proving an effective strategy for growing my business.

Soundpainting with High School Jazz Band

– The practice of following my curiosity for blog topics has taken me on a wild ride, studying the science of creativity, business development, motivation, education, psychology, and neuroscience. This has profoundly transformed me personally and artistically. I’ve read more books in the past year than any other period in my life

Future Plans

– I’m finishing the rough draft of a new book called Creativity Triggers for Musicians. Anyone who subscribes to my email newsletter will receive a free digital copy as soon as it’s published later this fall.

– My friend Karl Benitez has been filming some of my workshops, and I plan on releasing more video content next year

– Next week I’ll send out what I think is my most important article so far, “Forget 10,000 Hours of Delayed Gratification.”

– This summer, Ingrid Jensen and I have been working on finishing our Kenny Wheeler Tribute album. We had to put this project on hold for logistic and financial reasons, but it will (finally!) get into the world next year.

Best of the Blog

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Thank you for reading. I know your time and attention are valuable, and it’s a privilege to connect with you! Please write me with any questions or comments at If you are enjoying the blog, please share it with your friends.

– ST