Reflection Questions for Improvisers

Reflecting on our performances makes us stronger musicians and collaborators. You can ask and answer the following questions:

  • Immediately after playing
  • After listening to a recording
  • Letting weeks or months pass before listening to the recording

Listen and reflect with a detached and compassionate curiosity.

– When was the music most compelling? Why?

– When was the music not effective? Why?

– What surprised you about the performance?

– What patterns emerged?

– What changes would make the music better?

– Did you discover any material you would like to explore in a future improvisation or composition?

– What did you learn from the experience?


Additional Questions for Members of an Ensemble

– When was your playing an integral part of the music? Why?

– When was your playing a distraction? Why?

– When was your playing nonessential (it could be removed without changing the character of the piece)?


– ST

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