Phil Parisot’s Creekside Out on OA2 Records

My friend and collaborator Phill Parisot just released his second solo record Creekside on OA2 records, featuring guest trumpeter Tatum Greenblatt. Some fun and swinging music.

Album Page on OA2 Records



While composing music for Creekside, his second OA2 release, Seattle drummer Phil Parisot was in reflection on how nature manifests itself within urban environments. An invigorating point of departure, or an enveloping sanctuary, obvious or hidden hints of nature within the daily city grind can act as a social equalizer, returning us quickly to our origins. Parisot runs threads of these thoughts throughout the program while maintaining rich ties to the jazz tradition and his sense of swing. Besides his usual working quartet with Steve Treseler on tenor saxophone, Dan Kramlich on piano, and Michael Glynn on acoustic bass, Creekside features a longtime friend and collaborator, New York trumpeter, Tatum Greenblatt. “…an imaginative composer and an extraordinarily musical soloist.” – Paul de Barros, The Seattle Times.