The Dabbler, the Obsessive, the Hacker, and the Master

The Dabbler, the Obsessive, the Hacker, and the Master

Published on June 26th 2017


The Difference Between Hearing and Listening

Published on March 22nd 2019

Microphone in studio

Play Your Best Under Pressure

Published on May 30th 2017

Radiant Fields

Upcoming Solo Shows

Published on September 9th 2018

A Few Questions

A Few Questions

Published on December 2nd 2017


What Should You Think About While Improvising?

Published on July 20th 2017


The Trance of Measurement in Music Education

Published on May 21st 2017


Perfectionism is a Trap

Published on January 7th 2017

How much should my kid practice?

How Much Should My Kid Practice?

Published on November 8th 2019


How To Bring Creativity To Your Private Music Lessons

Published on April 17th 2017

Creativity Triggers Amazon

Creativity Triggers Is an Amazon Bestseller!

Published on June 17th 2017

In Motion Quartet

In Motion Quartet live on KNKX

Published on March 30th 2018

Game Symphony Workshop

Continuing Ed Class for Educators June 1

Published on April 16th 2019

Displaced Triplets

The Lost Chapter: Advanced Rhythmic Concepts

Published on September 18th 2020

Creativity Triggers Facebook Group

Creativity Triggers Facebook Group

Published on February 19th 2017

SPU Campus

Registration Open for the Game Symphony Workshop

Published on May 10th 2017

In Motion Quartet @ the Royal Room

In Motion Residency at The Royal Room

Published on September 30th 2019

Card Game Image

How I Trick My Kid Into Practicing

Published on June 2nd 2018

"Portrait of Dizzy Gillespie" by William Gottlieb. Courtesy of The Library of Congress

Dissolve the Fear of Improvisation (Video)

Published on March 27th 2017

Do Not Enter

Why You Should Screen Your Students

Published on February 26th 2017

The Magic Mode

The Magic Mode

Published on November 12th 2017

Lewsiton Workshop

"It Actually Works"

Published on April 27th 2017

Pacific Music Institute

Pacific Music Institute, Honolulu HI

Published on July 12th 2019

Seattle JazzED Students

Seattle JazzED Student Jams at The Royal Room

Published on October 16th 2019

FB Live

30 Day Facebook Video Project

Published on June 15th 2019

Trumpeter Ingrid Jensen and saxophonist Steve Treseler pay tribute to the life, legacy, and music of the great Kenny Wheeler (1930 - 2014).

Invisible Sounds is Out!

Published on October 26th 2018

Invisible Sounds New York Times

Invisible Sounds Featured in DownBeat, New York Times

Published on November 21st 2018

Tibetan Singing Bowl

Meditation for Musicians

Published on December 11th 2018

Invisible Sounds Banner

Invisible Sounds: For Kenny Wheeler - Out Oct 26th

Published on September 7th 2018

Anxiety Club

New Podcast Interview

Published on March 3rd 2017

Chord Changes

Does Jazz Harmony Exist?

Published on April 30th 2018

Steve and Ingrid outside (Steve Korn)

Invisible Sounds Residency at Wellesley

Published on February 17th 2019

Tula's Jazz Club in Belltown on April 25, 2019. (Photo by Dorothy Edwards/Crosscut)

Crosscut Op-Ed: Mourn the loss of Tula's, then fight to save Seattle jazz

Published on July 30th 2019

Improvisation Menu

Creative Limitation Menus

Published on January 22nd 2017

Question Mark

Reflection Questions for Improvisers

Published on January 15th 2017

Infinite Improvisation Podcast hosted by Steve Treseler and Lauren Best

Infinite Improvisation Podcast

Published on

Sound Field

Why Don't Classical Musicians Improvise? (Video)

Published on December 9th 2019

Berklee 2019

Presentation for Berklee Professors (Video)

Published on April 8th 2019

Steve Treseler at Pacific Music Institute 2022

PMI Hawaii 2022

Published on

University of Oregon

Residency at Univeristy of Oregon

Published on November 9th 2019

Confused Llama

What Makes an Ideal Learning Environment?

Published on May 1st 2019

Birdland Banner

Invisible Sounds Album Release at Birdland

Published on December 18th 2018

Count Basie

Jazz Improvisation via 4-Bar Riff Tunes

Published on February 28th 2018

Mastery and Flow

Flow Presentation at CWU

Published on July 31st 2017

Phil Parisot - Creekside

Phil Parisot's Creekside Out on OA2 Records

Published on November 20th 2017

Steve Treseler

Redesigned Website!

Published on October 8th 2017

Igniting Internal Drive

Igniting Internal Drive

Published on April 9th 2018

Radiant Fields Pedal Board

Radiant Fields – Solo Saxophone + Effects

Published on July 12th 2018


Thematic Improvisation Playlist

Published on September 5th 2017

Seattle JazzEd Club

Joining Seattle JazzEd Faculty

Published on August 14th 2019

Creativity Triggers for Musicians Cover

Creativity Triggers for Musicians is Here!

Published on February 3rd 2017


The Five Levels of Freelance Teaching

Published on January 27th 2017

DB Critics Poll

Invisible Sounds Makes DownBeat Critcs and Readers Polls!

Published on October 24th 2019

Jazz Handouts

Limiting Beliefs About Teaching Improvisation

Published on January 3rd 2018


Practice Is More Than Drudgery in Isolation

Published on October 19th 2017

Annie Booth Trio

Gigs with Annie Booth Trio Sept 8 - 9

Published on September 3rd 2017

Sound Expression Lab

A New Online Community for Educators

Published on July 10th 2018


Should Musicians Play for Free?

Published on September 29th 2017

SPU Game Symphony Workshop

Summer Game Symphony Workshop at SPU

Published on June 13th 2017

The Living Jazz Tradition

The Living Jazz Tradition - Price Reduction

Published on August 8th 2018