Center Song (Featuring Ingrid Jensen)


  • Steve Treseler – Saxophones, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
  • Ingrid Jensen – Trumpet
  • Dawn Clement, Dan Kramlich – Piano
  • Chris Spencer – Guitar
  • Meg Risso – Cello
  • Jon Hamar, Dean Schmidt – Bass
  • Steve Korn – Drums

A diverse group of beautifully crafted ensemble pieces—whether free, through-composed or somewhere in between. ★★★★



A young and fresh take on modern jazz.

iTunes Editors


Expressive and coherent modern jazz with masterful improvisations. 

All About Jazz

“Genius” is probably the most over-used word in any critic’s vocabulary, but in the case of Seattle saxophonist Steve Treseler, it’s apt. 

The Aquarian


Elements of indie-rock and contemporary folk that create a cinematic wash of evocative imagery. . .A seriously captivating album. 

Bird is the Worm



  • Steve Treseler – Saxophones, Clarinet
  • Dawn Clement – Piano
  • Chris Spencer – Guitar
  • Jon Hamar – Bass
  • Steve Korn – Drums


Treseler is a bonafide big player in the arena of straight-ahead jazz who provides just enough of other ingredients to keep it all fascinating and fresh…There’s about as much reflective expression and substance as you could want in such a pristine offering. This is a true study in serious jazz.

Ronald Jackson, JazzReview


A terrific debut and compelling musical statement.

Edward Blanco, eJazzNews