Sonic Meditations will be released as a series of singles throughout 2023. The first single Sea Dream featuring the award-winning multi-instrumentalist Marina Albero on vibraphone and hammered dulcimer is available on Bandcamp and other streaming platforms.

The pieces are immersive sound worlds composed of acoustic and virtual instruments, electronics, and field recordings. The album is an homage to the visionary composer, accordionist, and teacher, Pauline Oliveros whose Deep Listening practice invites us to expand consciousness through attention to musical and environmental sounds. Oliveros's Sonic Meditations are written prompts designed for groups of people with or without musical training:

Take a walk at night. Walk so silently that the bottoms of your feet become ears.

Pauline Oliveros
Sonic Meditation, 1974

Like many musicians, I began recording music from home during the pandemic. This album is entirely self-produced, and in addition to recording woodwinds, I produced all the virtual instruments, electronics, mixing, and mastering. A big learning curve for sure, but this process provides an infinite tonal palate and allows me to release much more music in the future.