I lead creative music workshops accross the country for high school, middle school, and university music programs. Workshops can be part of multi-day residancies. for more information. Selected topics below:

Game Symphony Workshop

Game Symphony Workshop

A fun and dynamic group improvisation workshop designed for jazz, concert, and chamber ensembles. Through games and activities, musicians experience creative practices and generate original music. Activities include musical adaptations of improv theater games, Soundpainting, graphic scores and more. This workshop can include a student performance. GSW Website

Intro to Jazz Improvisation

Extensive theoretical knowledge isn’t a prerequisite for jumping into jazz improvisation. This session helps students build a solid foundation through playing by ear, rhythm, riffs, call and response, and thematic variations. This workshop features material from my book The Living Jazz Tradition: A Creative Guide to Improvisation and Harmony on CMA Press.

This material is the basis for ongoing jazz programs I run at Seattle JazzED, Mountlake Terrace High School, and College Place Middle School.

Improv Lab

Creativity Through Limitation

Confronting a blank canvas can feel overwhelming and paralyzing. To get the creative juices flowing, artists across many disciplines use self-imposed limitations to generate new ideas. This workshop features non-idiomatic improvisation prompts from my Amazon bestselling book Creativity Triggers for Musicians. Can be adapted for jazz with material from saxophone legend Jerry Bergonzi.

CPM Saxes

Educators Workshop

How to craft engaging and creative learning environments. Presentation at Berklee College of Music:

Steve Presenting at JEN

Saxophone Masterclass

Topics can include:

  • Sound models (audio/video playlist)
  • Tone fundamentals: visualization, breath, embouchure, mouthpiece pitch, voicing, body position, equipment
  • Mindfulness in practice and performance
  • Extended techniques
  • Just intonation with drones
  • Ensemble playing
Monster Jam Band

Addicted to the Present Tense

Musical practice doesn’t have to be a tedious slog—working toward mastery can be an intrinsically rewarding experience. We can shape an effective and fulfilling practice by tapping into peak psychological states and internal drive. The presentation presents actionable strategies drawn from research on peak performance, psychology, meditation, and motivation. Video

Freelancing and Marketing

Models and strategies for thriving as a professional musician and educator outside of traditional employment. Topics include the five levels of freelancing, understanding why people pay for things, and why standing out is better than fitting in, and case studies of artist who are making it happen.

For more about workshops and residencies, visit my contact page.

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